Here are some helpful tips and facts if you are considering remodeling

  • Did you know it’s possible to remodel your bathroom vanity top with granite cheaper than corian & cultured marble?
  • Did you know it’s more economical and a better value to add a room than to install a premanufactured 3 season room?
  • Did you know that porcelain tile is denser and durable than ceramic tile?
  • Did you know it’s possible to remodel your kitchen with all “green” products?
  • Did you know that Velux has a new “no leak” skylight?
  • Did you know that the difference between functionality in construction and ergonomic user friendly creature comforts is solely a product of well thought out design?
  • Did you know that one of most cost effective energy savings investments you can make is insulation? When the majority of homes in Yakima were built, the requirement for insulation in the attic was 6 inches? It’s now up to 18 inches! (R48)
  • Did you know that as of April 22, 2010 all homes built prior to 1978 will require an EPA Certified Lead Paint Remodeler to perform any work?
  • Did you know that the biggest return on your investment for your home’s dollar is kitchen and bath remodeling?
  • Did you know that L.E.D. under cabinet lightning in the kitchen produces little to no heat?
  • Did you know that for about the same price as covering up your bathtub (“Bath Fitters” style) you can install a new tub with a ceramic tile backing? Why cover up a problem?
  • Did you know that there are engineered hardwood floors available with a felt cushioning feature under the wood to alleviate back problems?
  • Did you know that the new composite decks by Azeks don’t stain and scratch like the old Trex decks?
  • Did you know that stamped concrete is oftentimes visually indistinguishable from brick pavers?
  • Did you know that replacing your window will dramatically reduce the amount of outside noise you can hear in your house?
  • Did you know that the new glass in the Velux skylights is the same as energy efficient windows? They are quiet, energy efficient, won’t fade your carpets and have a 20 year glass warranty?
  • Did you know that quartz is non porous and anti microbial and doesn’t need to be sealed like granite countertops?
  • Did you know that some granite emits radon gas?
  • Did you know that you can put your hand directly on a magnetic induction cooktop element and it won’t burn you but it will boil water in 30 seconds?
  • Did you know that you can have cabinets with pull out shelves so that you don’t have to dig in the cabinets for things any longer?
  • Did you know that if your cooktop is in the middle of the kitchen on an island, you can still vent it with downdraft venting.

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