TPI Construction Referral Rewards

Word of mouth referrals are the most powerful form of advertising there is.  We appreciate it when you let others know you were happy with our work.  To show our appreciation we’d like to reward you for your loyalty.

Now you can earn money every time you refer someone to us with a home remodeling project, insurance restoration, addition or repair, that becomes a client.  That’s right, we will write you a check for recommending us to your friends, family, and neighbors if they become clients of ours.

It’s our way of saying thank you for helping our business grow.

TPI Construction Referral Reward Program

Just fill out the form below to participate in our Referral Rewards Program and make sure you get the credit for all of your referrals.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Name of person you're referring
Address and phone number of person you are referring.

Yes, feel free to use my name as a reference when you contact the referrals!


Referral Rewards Schedule: 2.5% Per $1,000

referral commission chart

For example, a $5,000.00 project will earn you a referral fee of $125.00, or 2.5% per $1,000 of the contract amount up to $60,000.00.  You will earn at least $1,500.00 for project contracts of $60,000 or more.

Please note that jobs less than $2,000 do not qualify for our Referral Rewards Program.

All referrals are credited to the first person that refers the project.  Referrals must be registered (by email or confirmation receipt from the form provided above) before the estimate is done to be valid.  Duplicate referral fees are not paid.

Referral checks are sent within fifteen days after the contract completion and receipt of payment from the referred client.

Once again, we’d like to thank you for your generous referrals.

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