Roofing Wind Damage

When you think of wind damaging your home, you usually consider that it takes a tornado, hurricane, severe thunderstorm or extreme winter storm to cause any major damage. But, wind doesn’t have to be that strong to cause roof damage to your home. Gusts of wind at 75 to 85 miles per hour can easily raise poorly-sealed shingles off your home in a second, exposing your roof to possible rain & water damage.

With your roof being the last and first defense between you and your family and the elements, you want to be aware of the damage that wind can do to your home. During high-wind weather events, wind speeds fluctuate and sometimes even change directions. Consequently, roofing materials are lifted up, allowing debris to lodge between shingles and the underpinning of your roof. Over time, this process will cause your roof to deteriorate, and inevitably, you’ll lose roofing material and notice it lying in your yard.

Roofers Who Repair Wind Damage

When winds from storms create havoc on your home and property, you can depend on our roof replacement specialists at TPI Construction to help you solve any roofing problem you may have as a result. Damaging rains accompanied by wind can cause missing or torn shingles on your roof, slam a tree into your house or propel debris through your windows and walls.

At TPI Construction, we pride ourselves in responding to roof problems promptly. We’ll respond to your roofing emergency within 24 hours and send an inspector to assess your damage quickly. We’ll be onsite when your insurance agent or adjuster visits to help with your insurance documentation and to negotiate a price for your new roof that you can live with. We then work with your insurance adjuster to plan the replacement of your roof. At your scheduled roof replacement, we’ll skillfully install your new roof (usually within one day), carry away any debris, make sure your home is structurally stabilized and leave your home like new.

When you suspect your home has been damaged by wind, contact our Roofing Wind Damage Company at TPI Construction for a free inspection of your roof.

Residential Roof Replacement Services

If your home’s roof has been damaged by harsh weather and needs to be replaced, TPI Construction has the expertise and experience you need to accomplish that task. Replacement of a damaged roof, whether it is wind damage or rain & water damage or hail damage, immediately after the damage has occurred is important so that other areas of your home, in particular, ceilings and interior walls do not become damaged as well.

Some of the more obvious warning signs that you need your roof replaced include roofing materials lying in your yard or an observation of missing or torn roofing shingles. Less obvious signs of roof damage include interior wall blistering, dark spots on walls, sheetrock discoloration in your attic spaces, algae buildup on shingles, crimps or upward tilting roof edges on the exterior edges of your roof line, and dirty looking shingles.

Residential Roof Replacement Experts

No matter how well you maintain your roof, it may need attention when a severe weather event occurs. You can mitigate some of the more urgent and costly roof repairs or roof replacement with regular maintenance and inspection of your roof. You can visually inspect your roof and check for ice dams on the edges of your roof and clogged or damaged gutters. Roofs that are not adequately sealed can result in ice dam formations that can cause a lot of damage when melting water accumulates under the edge of your roof and drips onto decks or into the spaces between your outside wall and your interior walls. To prevent costly repairs in the future, be alert and check your roof for problems often. Repairing any roof damage as you discover it saves you the expense of a roof replacement before the situation occurs that actually requires you to do so.

If you suspect or know your home needs a roof replacement, contact our experienced, licensed Residential Roof Replacement Service at TPI Construction for an estimate.